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Crickweb: free online education resources & games

More than 250 free educational interactive teaching resources and activities for Primary/ Elementary Schools. 84 free to use fun kids games/activities for kids aged 4 - 11. Links to free interactive teaching activities, educational games, image and software resources. 

Most are written with Adobe Flash and therefore can be used on any brand of interactive white board.

Subjects including: Maths, English, Science, History, Geography, R.E., D.T., I.C.T, French and Spanish. 

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Stories have an incredible educational value due to the their influence on memory, but also because they allow to face a wide variety of topics and contexts. Of course, this is very interesting when learning a new language.

On this page you will find a nice selection of tales and fables to read in English. The collection contains also audios and videos.

App available on the AppStore: 
Android App: 

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Didapages is a very useful tool for course authors. This software provides many opportunities, such as adding text, images, audio and video to create your own interactive book. It can be very interesting for self-study or distance learning, especially, I would say, for language learning.

Here you can see a selection of Didapages based resources to learn English:

As Christmas approaches...

On vocabulary (French resource): 

Symbaloo webmix on vocabulary and grammar:

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ChronoZoom. Visualize time from the Big Bang to the present day

ChronoZoom is a free open source project owned by the Outercurve Foundation that visualizes time on the broadest possible scale from the Big Bang to the present day. Conceived by Walter Alvarez and Roland Saekow, this project has been funded and supported by Microsoft Research Connections in collaboration with University California at Berkeley, Moscow State University and University of Washington Information School (iSchool), and The Center for Web and Data Science (WDS) departments.

ChronoZoom is inspired by the study of Big History, and it approaches the documentation and visualization of time and history in the same way that Google Earth deals with geography.

ChronoZoom allows users to see the true scale of time over cosmic, geologic, biological and social periods.

(From Wikipedia “ChronoZoom”:

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History Teachers

Simply awesome! An approach to teaching History by reworking lyrics to popular songs. The videoclips are entertaining and instructive.

Amy Burvall teacher of Le Jardin Academy in Honolulu, Hawaii and Herb Mahelona, also a teacher, have narrated some of the greatest events in History by rewriting pop songs.

Webpage (lyrics available):
Amy Burvall: @amyburvall
Herb Mahelona: @HerbMahelona

An example:

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Sesame Street. Sesame Playlists

Sesame Playlists are a collection of fun and educational games and videos organized around a curricular theme. Each playlist includes seven games and videos. You can choose a topic and age range in order to use this resource in a more individualised way.

Grammar Lessons With Food

Let’s learn a few important grammar lessons with the help of yummy, delicious food by Jeff Wysaski. More funny stuff on:

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