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VideoANT is a University of Minnesota project, a web-based video annotation tool for mobile and desktop devices. You can use VideoAnt to add annotations or comments to web hosted videos. Its use is very interesting in the language classroom. Teachers can provide more information alongside the videos they use and the commented videos can be embedded in other websites.

How does it work?

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¿Os imagináis que los personajes y juguetes favoritos de vuestros niños y niñas les enseñaran inglés? Eso es lo que pretende el canal de Divernic en YouTube. Una forma de aprovechar el gancho de protagonistas de sus series y películas favoritas.

Para acceder:

Un ejemplo para que os hagáis una idea:

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Kidsnowit (educational movies)

53 free educational movies for students. Each movie introduces them to the topics and the key concepts that they will be learning about and ends with an online quiz. In order to successfully complete each online video, movies must be watched and quiz questions must be answered with 80% or higher accuracy.

You will find interactive movies about: Astronomy, Biology, concepts, Chemistry, Geology. History, Language arts and Math. New free movies are added each month.


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4 Online Slang Dictionaries

Slang consists of a constantly changing lexicon of non-standard words and phrases in a given language. It is usually associated with a particular group and plays a role in constructing its identity. It should be avoided in most types of writing (academic research papers, essays…) as sometimes, the use of certain expressions can be unfamiliar to the ordinary reader. 

Nevertheless, slang is part of language and, of course, it is important to understand English speakers.

Below are examples of four online slang dictionaries:

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Tips for British English Pronunciation by English Jade (engVid)

Proper English pronunciation can be a big problem for some ESL learners. Learn 8 tips that will help you pronounce English correctly.

lunes, 5 de octubre de 2015

Cursos en línea de inglés. Convocatoria

Se ha publicado la Convocatoria de la Dirección General de Innovación, Ordenación y Política Lingüística para la realización de cursos en línea de inglés dirigidos al profesorado de enseñanzas no universitarias.

Podéis consultarla y descargarla desde este enlace:

Solicitud de inscripción:

Plazo de solicitud de inscripción del 2 al 19 de octubre.

Listado provisional de solicitudes admitidas: 26 de octubre.


Lexipedia is an online visual semantic network with dictionary and thesaurus reference functionality. Lexipedia presents words with their semantic relationships displayed in an animated visual word web. Lexipedia supports English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish languages. (Source: Wikipedia)

You can hoover with mouse over words to view their definition, hear right pronunciation and usage within a sentence.

Each word type has it own color on the chart: nouns are red, verbs are orange, adverbs are green and adjective are blue.

Lexipedia is a useful tool in any classroom setting. It is an excellent place to increase your student's vocabulary and work understanding.

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FluentU is a database of translated and subitled YouTube videos that helps you learn English (and other languages: Chinese, Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Italian) in a very realistic way. 

The video is automatically paused when you move your mouse to the subtitle area. It also offers an hover over dictionary for any words you don't know. 

Resources are classified up by level and gender and you can study the vocabulary from them in a built-in flashcard system. 

You can sign up for free. 

English Language and Culture blog: http://www.fluentu.com/english/blog/ 

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Free website to enrich teaching and learning in science brought by The Association for Science Education (ASE) SchoolScience.co.uk is sponsored by industrial and research partners  who provide free on-line science resources for teachers and students. 

This site is free for all users and promotes both resources created for this site and external resources from around the world. (Source: http://www.schoolscience.co.uk/about)

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