martes, 24 de febrero de 2009

BBC Radio. Podcast directory.

Very interesting podcast directory.

Podcasting in plain English

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Laura / CCN-website dijo...


could we at please be added to your excellent links collection? :-) Of course, we've already link to this blog (here:

For anyone interested, involved or into CLIL, please make sure to check out the CLIL Cascade Network at

CCN is about collaboration: sharing of ideas, experiences and resources. The success of CCN depends on the establishment of a large and active on-line community.

On CCN you'll find: areas for Networking, Teaching and Learning and Professional Development. Latest CLIL news and courses. A contact database with a multifunction search facility allowing users to find opportunities for collaboration. A vast collection of resources and good practices in CLIL. A CLIL teacher training community to design, develop and test teacher development frameworks, CLIL benchmarking tools, with the aim to make joint CLIL competence building programmes.

Very best regards,
Laura / the CCN-website team

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