viernes, 29 de octubre de 2010

International Study Programme. Información llegada al CEFIRE

Desde esta organización nos han remitido el siguiente correo al CEFIRE para su difusión.


2010 has been another busy year for International Study Programmes with teachers from all parts of Europe and as far afield as China attending our courses. Over 100 Teachers’ courses will have been held by the end of the year.

Thank you for informing teachers about our courses.

We now have pleasure in attaching 2 summary lists of our Teachers' Courses corresponding to the next Comenius deadlines:

  • courses starting 01 May – 31 August 2011 - probable deadline 15 January 2011
  • courses starting 01 September – 31 December 2011 - probable deadline 30 April 2011

PRIMARY LEVEL (ages 3-11)

· Language & Methodology Courses for Primary Teachers of English

· C.L.I.L. Courses for Primary Teachers of English

· C.L.I.L. Materials Development for Primary Teachers

· Courses for Pre-primary Teachers of English (Very Young Learners) (ages 3-7)

· Courses for Primary Teachers focusing on Science, Music or Drama

· English for inter-school communication - language course for teachers

· Courses for Primary Headteachers and for Schools Inspectors & Advisers

SECONDARY LEVEL (ages 10-19)

· Courses for Secondary Teachers of English (also open to teachers in Adult Education)

· Courses for Teachers of English to pupils with Special Needs

· Cheltenham Literature Festival Course

· Course for Teachers in Vocational Schools

· C.L.I.L. Courses for Teachers who teach their subject "Bilingually" in English

· Courses for teachers of Science, Music, History, Geography or Drama

· Courses for Secondary Headteachers and for Schools Inspectors & Advisers

We would be grateful if you would pass this information on to teachers & other educators who are considering attending a course in the U.K. next year.

Full details of the courses can be found at

The courses are listed on the Comenius – Grundtvig database.

If you would like more detailed information by email, just let us know. We look forward to welcoming your teachers on our courses next year.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Best wishes

Anne Hopwood


International Study Programmes
The Manor
Cheltenham, GL54 4EB

Telephone: 0044 1451 860379
Fax: 0044 1451 860482

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