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British Council (BC) Project. Twin for 2012

Want to bring the inspirational power of the Olympic and Paralympic games into your classroom? Get involved in ‘Twin for 2012’ and BC can find you an international partner school giving your pupils the chance to get in touch with their peers in the UK and work together on joint projects. 

There are hundreds of schools in UK who have already registered and would like to find a partner. They are looking, in particular, to recruit schools in the primary sector.

They’re inspirational, they’re exciting and they’re almost here! The Olympic and Paralympic Games are coming to London in 2012.  Now’s the time to help your pupils to get ready and get connected with the power of the Games through British Council Schools Online. The Games are a fantastic opportunity to inspire young people all over the world. They make a compelling demonstration of international friendship and highlight the power of sport in bringing people together.  So how can you bring the inspirational power of the Games into your classroom?

Through the Olympics initiative ‘Twin for 2012’ BC can find you a UK partner school; giving your pupils the chance to get in touch with their international peers and work together on joint projects. If your country is participating in the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, BC will find you a partner school in the UK. Simply register your details, including a short paragraph about your school and what you’re interested in working on.

Once you’ve been allocated a partner school, there’s a whole range of exciting projects you can collaborate on and some resource templates to make it easy for you to get started. BC will give you a dedicated online project space for you and your partner to share information and you will also get access to BC's online forums where you can swap ideas with other schools.  

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