jueves, 12 de diciembre de 2013

The Wordsmyth Illustrated Learner’s Dictionary (WILD)

The Wordsmyth Illustrated Learner’sDictionary (WILD) is Wordsmyth’s newest and most exciting and interactive dictionary. It is geared toward children in Grades K to 3 as well as to young English Language Learners. The beta version of WILD is now available for exploration at http://kids.wordsmyth.net/wild/

The Dictionary consists of three sections or environments. All of them are linked with each other so that a user may at any time navigate from one to another:

- The World is made up of places, or "settings," that you can explore. You can find different places. When you move your mouse around a setting, you can see the words that are labeled inside it.

- The Book shows you all of the words in WILD from A to Z, along with part of each word's dictionary entry.

- The Collections include a wide range of categories and subcategories, such as plants, parts of plants, animals, mammals, invertebrates, parts of the human body, actions of the body, foods, colors, and shapes... Included in the Collections is also a collection called Maps through which children can access an interactive map of the world.

Teachers and students will also find WILD's activities (What is it?, Where is it?, Scavenger Hunt and Where can you find these?) very useful. 

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