lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

Our new courses in English

1.Oral Skills for Teachers.14EL76IN234. Registration is open till March 30th

To improve spoken English skills.
To become more confident when speaking English in a variety of topics.
To be able to have a higher level of conversation in English.
To improve listening skills in English.

Instructional Language for teaching
Daily activities
News and Media.

CEFR level required: B1.

Teacher: Beth Rosa Lowe

2. Didactical Tours on Environmental Education. 14EL51IN240. Registration is open till April 9th

To know the background of environmental didactical routes and to be able to design a basic one in English.
To improve the skills of the participants in their ability to speak and teach in English.
To foster the cross curricular approaches for environmental education among the participants.
To develop interdisciplinary activities through the performing of didactical routes.
To present a basic unit example of environmental didactical route based in their specific subject.

The concept of Environmental Education.
The concept of didactical tour/ active learning.
Content and Language Integrated Learning.
Design of a basic Power Point Presentation about a didactical route.

Initial session at the Cefire of Elda - (30-04-2014)
Didactical tour in Biar (relief and climate) - (3-05-2014)
Didactical tour in Tibi (hydrography) - (10-05-2014)
Didactical tour in Castalla (vegetation) - (17-05-2014)
Didactical tour in Onil (EE facilities) - (24-05-2014)
Final session at the Cefire of Elda (28-05-2014)
Delivering of tasks (28-05-2014)

Teacher: Antonio Balaguer Mora.

3. English for Art Teachers. 14EL51IP243. Registration is open till March 30th

To provide teachers with strategies, techniques and resources in English (Arts & Music).
To become familiarized with English as a language of instruction

Resources for teacher training (Arts & Music).
English as means of instruction in schools.

Teacher: Daniel Martínez Cremades

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