lunes, 25 de noviembre de 2013

Rewordify is powerful, free, online reading comprehension and vocabulary development software. It helps people understand difficult English faster, helps them learn words in new ways, and helps teachers create high-interest learning materials from any English text passage.

The site does not display ads and does not collect any personal information, for a distraction-free, school-safe learning environment.

The site lets users:
  • quickly learn what difficult passages mean
  • use any high-interest material as a source of learning, for better motivation and engagement
  • browse the Web in a powerful new way, for better comprehension with fewer distractions
  • customize how the site works and displays words, for personal control over learning
  • instantly read—and learn from—rewordified versions of a huge library of classic literature
  • use on-screen flash cards and quizzes from any high-interest text to further reinforce learning

(Source Rewordify)

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